We Need Your Support

Edison High School Football Eagle Challenge

Dear athletes and parents of Edison High School Football,

THE EDISONHIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM is conducting our Eagles Challenge to generateadditional Support for our program.  Ourfootball players are spending long hours in strength, agility and skilldevelopment as they prepare for their upcoming season.  We believe the dedication and hard workexhibited by our players will provide a strong foundation on which to build ourprogram and lead us to a successful 2016 season.


The expensesfor football participation are considerable. Your sponsorship will benefit all players by helping to offset ourannual expenses, which include additional uniform needs, safety and fieldequipment, software and digital video editing subscriptions/equipment used as ateaching tool and to assist players in our college recruiting efforts, seniorscholarships and other supplemental needs for our program. Please join us inhelping to fulfill the goals and dreams of our student-athletes as we preparefor an exciting 2016 season.


I would verymuch appreciate your sponsoring me in my Eagle Challenge. I participate in anintensive, year round strength and conditioning training program that includesspeed and agility training, and plyometrics, which also builds and maintains apositive sportsmanship attitude that improve upon my abilities as team player.


All sponsor informationwill be held in strict confidence.  Sponsors will be sent a thank younote/receipt by mail or email. Remember, your contribution may be taxdeductible as provided by law.

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